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Blake has consulted with over 1,200 local business owners & 950 digital marketers since 2012.

About Blake Snodgrass

Marketing Consultant & Mentor

Specializing in Direct Response Marketing, Media Buying & Automating Client Acquisition Systems

Having launched and scaled four separate 6 & 7 Figure online businesses, I’ve assimilated and consolidated the best modern methods for acquiring clients through direct-response advertising & digital marketing.

With clients ranging from local brick and mortar businesses, to 8-Figure online information product companies, I’ve been able to successfully apply my methods of positioning, copywriting, media buying & multi-channel marketing to acquire clients consistently, and very profitably.

If you have a high-leverage online business and are looking for a marketing consultant who can help you get in front of your ideal customer avatar daily, by the tens of thousands, reach out to me.

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